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Each year around this time, Forbes releases a report on the workplace trends to expect. Teammates Commercial Interiors wanted to share the recently released 2017 list!

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Companies focus on improving their candidate and employee experiences. With more and more job seekers using sites like to review their interviewing experience, employers have learned that they need to step up their game and improve this process.

The blended workforce is on the rise. The “freelance worker” movement has drastically increased in recent years, and with more and more companies needing to hire problem solvers on demand—without having to pay them benefits— we will be seeing the trend of blending full time workers with freelancers continue to rise in 2017.

Annual performance reviews evolve into more continuous reviews. We have to wait a whole year to learn our strengths and areas of improvement? Not the case anymore! With the need for instant gratification from the Millennial and Generation Z workforce, we will see employers adopt the process of evolving reviews, or “check-ins” throughout the year.

Millennials meet Generation Z in the workplace. Haven’t heard of Generation Z? Well get ready, because 2017 will mark the first year they will be entering the workforce. Additionally, we will now see approximately one third of Millennials in management positions. With this— the two generations will be adding a bit (…. or a lot!) more pressure to employers to transform the workspace to be more flexible and rewarding.

Augmented and virtual reality revolutionize recruiting and training. It has been hyped up A LOT in recent years…. and the wait is over. Virtual reality is here and it is already infiltrating into our lives both personally and professionally even faster than expected. “Virtual and augmented reality can help close the experience gap for job seekers and allow employee training to be more engaging, less expensive and free of distractions.”

The war for talent heats up as the employer and employee contract continues to evolve. Can you guess what the average tenure is for employees these days (regardless of age)? 6 years! The need for a greater employee experience will be of the upmost importance for employers in 2017 as 76%of full-time workers are either actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities.

Organizations restructure to focus on team over individual performance. One very intriguing trend in 2017 will be the rise in teamwork, as organizations are now restructuring to allow for a high performing team work environment. The collaboration tools provided by a quality intranet solution can prove to enhance teamwork through improved communication and cooperation between employees.

Workplace wellness, and well-being, become critical employee benefits for attracting top talent. While this trend has been important for the past several years, it will continue to rise in 2017 as companies have done the research and accept that workplace stress is a serious health issue for employees so they must make their workplace a healthier and better environment. If you feel that you’ve been a victim of excessive workplace stress, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. For example, in hospitals doctors and physicians work long hours and don’t always get the break they need in between, which is why more hospitals should consider locum tenens who can fill in for them whilst they take a break. The website thelocumguy offers a great insight into becoming a locum tenen, and explains that you don’t always need to travel far distances for the job but you can stay right at home!

Companies get creative with their employee benefit packages and perks. After pay, healthcare coverage and flexibility are the two most important things to employees, with flexibility rising so much in recent years that it has gone above healthcare as the more important benefit. But can you guess how many employers offer flexibility globally? Only one third! Additionally, new benefits will be emerging more in 2017 and beyond, such as ones focused around education and student loans—an ever important need for Generation Z and the Millennials.

Office attire and workplace culture becomes more casual. Let’s be honest…. Who really wants to wear a suit to work anymore?

Teammates prides ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest workplace trends, both in how we design our workspace to create a positive experience for our very own team, and also in how we educate our clients on creating a work environment to suit the needs of their various generations of employees and improve company culture.

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