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Is your office feeling cluttered and disorganized? If so, it may be time to revisit your workspace organization. Organized work environments boost productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction while reducing stress. This is especially important for smaller offices with tight spaces and ambitions for growth. Organizing your office space can impact your team’s behavior, the culture you create, and how clients perceive your business. Here are some office organization ideas to inspire you, whether you want to start small by tidying up desktops, rearrange workstations, or go big, giving your entire office a makeover.

Desktop Organizers

We all know how distracting a messy desk can be. Being surrounded by papers, gadgets, and clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. The more organized your desktop, the more focused and creative you can be. Teknion offers an array of products for desktop organization, from organizing trays for desk drawers to a portable workplace tote/caddy that can be used to lug around essentials while moving from one task to another throughout the office during the day. Keep track of important papers and files with its paper tray tower or hutch accessory, easily mounted on desks or credenzas for convenient overhead storage.

Teknion’s mobile cubby trays, accessory docs, podiums, and laptop lockers are great for managing tech tools so you can stay plugged in without accumulating a spider web of cords around your desk. Its Mini Focus Den, a portable, lightweight tabletop screen that can be placed on existing furniture, is the perfect desktop organizer for those doing focused work in communal spaces with no dedicated desk. OFS also carries nifty desk organizers, including a combination pencil cup and wood tray in multiple colors; a toolbox-inspired aluminum storage caddy with integrated compartment dividers for big and small items; and planters with pleated side panels that can stand alone or nest together to create natural privacy barriers in offices with open floor plans.

Workstation/Private Office Organization

organize your office space

With the right furniture, any workspace or private office can be transformed into an efficient and functional workspace. One popular option is incorporating casegoods, modular furniture units for storage and organization. Teknion’s Expansion Casegoods Workwall is a fantastic way to elevate your space’s functionality and aesthetics. This innovative addition offers various applications that optimize vertical space utilization, provide ample storage solutions, and seamlessly integrate height-adjustable. The Expansion Casegoods Workwall can transform private offices into organized, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Teknion’s Expansion Cityline continues to impress with its innovative features and comprehensive accessories program. The unique beam framework offers structural stability and flexibility, making it suitable not only for workstations but also for creating collaboration spaces and mixed-use areas within an office environment. The diverse range of storage options, including shelving, filing cabinets, and lockers, contributes to maintaining an organized and efficient workspace, which promotes productivity and employee satisfaction. The array of accessories, such as freestanding and mounted screens in various materials like felt, whiteboard, and magnetic metal, cater to individual needs and preferences. The inclusion of Sit & Slide screens for visual privacy control is a thoughtful feature that can enhance comfort and concentration in shared workspaces. Additionally, the availability of storage trays, boxes, “slim-bins,” and other tools further enhances the versatility and functionality of the collections.

Teknion’s Emote collection is well-suited for smaller spaces and agile workers. The furniture elements enable users to easily transition between focused tasks and collaborative activities. The inclusion of Thought Boards in fabric, back-painted glass, and wood finishes combine functionality with artistic expression, as well as offering a space for organizing and brainstorming. The unique Work Cabinet offers an alternative to traditional height-adjustable tables and encourages movement within the workspace. The collection includes personal desk accessories that help organize and store objects. The addition of trays with integrated power can enhance productivity by keeping essential items within reach and charged. Thoughtful details such as cable management systems and privacy screens contribute to an organized and distraction-free workspace. Emote addresses the evolving needs of today’s agile workers and contributes to creating a dynamic, inspiring, and organized work environment.

Total Office Organization

organize your office space

Could your entire office use more organization? Streamline areas throughout your workspace with a modular storage system like Crate Divide, an elegant cube-based system that can act as both a room divider and a storage solution. Its pre-built components can be connected in-line or at right angles to create different zones within existing spaces. For small, open offices that need to maximize every square inch of space, a comprehensive wall system like Kimball’s Work|Able can be used to create functional, expressive walls from an array of materials, including cork, peg board, chalkboard, raw metal, and butcher block. Func.’s Cooee display wall is a great organizational tool for more collaborative offices. Its exposed PET surface is tackable, making it easy for teams to share printouts, charts, and other collateral. It’s easy to adjust, maneuver, and clean, blocks out noise, and comes with cups, hooks, trays, and a bin for extra storage. OFS also makes a fun, functional Pind board with a peg and shelf system perfect for personalizing wall spaces and creating focal points in cafes and meeting spaces.

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