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Open offices have plenty of advantages — from being more cost-effective and flexible to enhancing communication and collaboration — but privacy is not one of them. The constant noise, activity, and foot traffic can be incredibly distracting and disruptive. 

Surveys show that while workers rank team building and collaboration among the top qualities of a great workplace, they also like having enclosed areas where they can retreat to hunker down on projects, focus, and converse freely with coworkers and clients. In fact, many employees describe the ideal workspace as somewhere between completely open with no walls and totally private with offices. So, how can you divide up workspaces without putting extra barriers between teams or turning your office into a cubicle farm? 

Floor screens and room dividers are great for splitting up large areas simply and effectively, creating organized spaces where everyone has their area. They provide a visual and auditory barrier between employees and their surroundings without limiting movement or flexibility throughout the workspace. The result is fewer distractions and a greater sense of privacy and control for workers, which can reduce stress and improve productivity and morale. Shopping for open office privacy solutions? Here are our top 10 picks:  

Floor Screens and Room Dividers for Every Style

Kaya Bridge Screen

Made by Func., an Australian manufacturer that creates fun, functional, and sustainable workspaces, this lightweight, moveable screen features an adjustable foot leveler that can be adapted to different work surfaces, plus various cut-out designs (in grille, lattice, and plain patterns) that come with either acrylic for increased privacy or a writable surface for harnessing creative ideas. It also absorbs noise — and can be easily installed and cleaned with bleach and water. 

Cooee Wall

This mobile wall, also made by Func., not only conquers distractions but can also be used to create a fun, functional space that encourages collaboration and creativity. It includes easily accessible power outlets for keeping devices charged and a versatile surface for attaching a writable surface or even hanging a screen. You can also find other mobile partition walls in the collection, including the Cooee Half Wall and the Cooee Three Quarter Wall, which have options for planter inserts, shelves, etc. 


Loftwall is best known for making Framewall, a modular space divider with limitless size and finish options. So when the manufacturer designed its Chisel product — a family of patterns cut into its acoustic panels and placed in its Framewall product — it aimed to make the office partition panels acoustically sound and visually appealing. Made with 75% recycled plastic bottles, the acoustic felt panels absorb chatter and minimize visual distractions. They also elevate spaces with unique designs in 12 different patterns and 24 vibrant colors.  


If youre looking for modern office partitions that are both decorative and functional, look no further than Kimball, which has been recognized nationally for its freestanding partition wall systems. Its contoured, A-frame Paradolia screens can be moved effortlessly from space to space and easily nested for storage. Available in multiple sizes, its angled, dual-sided screens provide a large tackable space with options for magnetic markerboards, shelves, etc. 


Portable partitions in this Kimball collection are designed to provide elements of privacy while eliminating barriers so workers can stay better connected to their tasks and each other. Kore products, which have received multiple design awards, can be used to create collaborative gathering points and private workspaces and offer a versatile mix of material options.


This eye-catching standalone room divider screen offers a contemporary take on flexible room partitioning with its funky aesthetics and innovative noise-reducing properties. Its curved shape diffuses sounds, while its layered felt structure and small air gaps between the felt strips absorb sound. It also comes with two felt handles and four feet in wood, providing endless possibilities for dividing up spaces.  


OFSKaleid collection features office floor screens perfectly suited to dynamic, activity-based workspaces that thrive on connection and collaboration. It includes mobile options that can double as workstations, media, and shelving units, self-watering planters, etc. — all with the flexibility to move them into different settings and configurations easily.  

Still Screens

Stylxs Still Screen collection combines the functionality of a traditional partition panel system with a tailored elegance, drawing its inspiration from architecture. The upholstered screens are constructed with an internal solid wood frame with slits that allow light in and acoustic insulation that absorbs noise and provides a soft, tackable surface. Office screens can stand alone or be layered together to create both partial and fully enclosed spaces for focused solo work or group activities. 

Paravan (Composition No. 7)

Looking for privacy screens for lounges or common areas? These portable partitions in Arpers Parvan collection come in an array of colors with various sizes and heights of sound-absorbing panels and tabletop panels for even more functionality. You can even personalize the screens with accessory options, including blackboards, hooks, mirrors, magazine racks, shelves, etc. 

Paravan (Composition No. 4)

Whether you want to create room for employees to regroup and recharge during a hectic workday or huddle together for a team meeting, Arpers curved Paravan floor screen is adaptable and adept at creating private zones and collaborative spaces within an open office.