We Love What We Do.

When it comes to your commercial office design project -- no matter how big or small -- it's good to have a teammate by your side. Our name speaks to our core philosophy of prioritizing client relationships and working closely with you to ensure the process is seamless and the end result exceeds expectations.


About Us

Teammates Commercial Interiors is a locally owned commercial office furniture dealer that services nationwide. We provide various commercial services such as demountable wall configurations, furniture specifications, space design, project management, installation, and inventory. Teammates maintains long-term relationships by providing adaptable solutions to meet client needs.

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Book a Tour of Our New Showroom!

Our beautiful showroom is officially open, and we would love to give you a tour! During your visit, you can expect a personalized tour of our space, which showcases the latest office furniture trends, including a variety of style options to suit your company’s specific needs. We also include a free design consultation with the tour to help bring your vision to life.


On-Time. No Excuses.

We’re not okay being late. Ever. We plan ahead, manage tangents and accommodate changes. Every time.

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Design with Intention

We ask questions. About culture. Work habits. Impact on inspiration and efficiency. Furniture should be beautiful and useful.


Lasting Relationship Builders

Skilled listeners. Real good people. Right-thing-doers. Egoless communicators. We make it happen.

Our Flagship Line

Teknion designs products that work across boundaries. Within any architectural envelope and work culture—furniture that works wherever you work. More at teknion.com

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