Account Manager: Kristen Smith

Designer: Kimberly Dawes

Architecture/Design Firm: NEOERA, Inc

Client Profile:
Astroscale U.S. offers satellite life-extension services and on-orbit solutions to a range of clients, including commercial operators, the U.S. government, and partner governments globally. Astroscale U.S. is actively involved in pioneering technologies, policies, and industry standards that promote the long-term sustainability of activities in space. By collaborating with the broader space community, Astroscale U.S. aims to develop innovative solutions that contribute to responsible management and preservation of space resources for the benefit of future generations.

Astroscale’s newly renovated 13,500 square feet office space, along with a state-of-the-art lab and operations center, provides a functional and visually appealing environment for its employees and visitors. The combination of modern facilities and a touch of history from the 100-year-old building adds a unique charm to the workspace. The division of the space into various functional areas, such as workstations, private offices, break rooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms, phone rooms, lounge spaces, and employee bar/lounge, reflects a thoughtful approach to accommodating different work styles and activities. This allows for both collaborative and focused work, as well as spaces for relaxation and social interaction. Neoera’s concept of designing unique furniture to match the building’s distinctiveness shows the attention to detail and a commitment to creating an environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and reflective of the company’s brand.

Teammates Solution:
The implementation of an organic 120-degree planning solution for the workstations, utilizing the Teknion District product, created an efficient and collaborative workspace. This layout promotes interaction among employees while maintaining a sense of openness and fluidity. Incorporating biophilia and lounge benches with laptop tables adds a touch of nature-inspired design and provides spaces for impromptu discussions or casual meetings, enhancing the overall work environment.

The utilization of Teknion’s Expansion Casegoods line for private offices showcases a commitment to providing tailored solutions for individual preferences and needs. This extensive offering allows for personalization, ensuring that each office space reflects its occupant’s unique style and requirements.
Studio TK, Allermuir, Stylex, and JSI can be seen throughout the many lounge and break-away areas demonstrating a commitment to providing a diverse range of comfortable and stylish seating options. This variety accommodates different preferences and encourages collaborative interactions and informal discussions among employees. The employee lounge/bar showcases a mix of Studio TK and Allermuir furniture fostering a relaxing and inviting environment that encourages employees to unwind and socialize.

Conference and huddle rooms were tailored to match each room’s distinct personality promoting creativity and effective communication during meetings.

Overall, the combination of thoughtful furniture selection, strategic color palettes, and personalized office layouts showcases a holistic approach to office design. This approach not only considers functionality but also reflects an understanding of the importance of aesthetics, employee comfort, and creating spaces that cater to various work styles and interactions.

Project Photography by J.M. Photo