Account Manager: Ansley Fraley

Designer: Sierre Pugliese

Architect: Studio R Design

Client Profile:
Located between the mountains and mesas of Golden, Aurum blends the lines between work and leisure. By developing inviting areas from the front entrance to the amenity spaces, the multifamily design prioritizes the needs of the community.

A client since 2013, this four-level new construction project for Aurum headquarters includes a breakroom, leasing office, three private offices, two conference rooms, four floors of large community space, and two floors of view lounge.

Teammates Solution:
With the large open floor plans, we were able to use ancillary furniture such as Andreu World, Allemuir, Boss Design, Blue Dot, Enwork, ERG, FLOR, OFS, National, Sit on It, Source, Studio TK, Stylex, and Teknion to fill the space. With the focus being on collaborative space, a mix of these manufacturers created an easy place for individuals to feel invited to socialize.