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In these uncertain times, flexibility is key when it comes to office furniture. Have sudden changes to your office staff size? Need to space workers out to meet health and safety guidelines? Planning a move to a new location or a remodel? In all these instances and more, modular workstations can be a lifesaver. Their convertible nature allows you to quickly and easily reconfigure your office setup to adapt to your most pressing needs at the moment. 

Whether you need to create a collaborative area for team meetings and brainstorming sessions or cultivate more space for focused, reflective work, this flexible furniture enables you to combine components, such as desks, chairs and storage systems, to form a variety of layouts. 

So, what are some of the best modular workstations out there? Here are some of our favorites: 

modular workstations

Perfect for pop-ups

Teknion’s Routes collection is great for small studios where space is tight or pop-up work hubs for firms with far-flung employees. Its products, which include easily assembled desks, stackable chairs, adjustable tables, versatile lighting, and other accessories, are light, agile and mobile and can consistently be changed to create spaces that suit tasks for the day. Along with facilitating collaboration, its intuitive pieces are designed to empower users to work however they feel most comfortablestanding, sitting, or loungingand move around as much as they need. 

A spine for all occasions.

Also from Teknion, the freestanding District Power Spine offers a cost-effective framework for dividing workspaces and providing workstations with convenient power and data hookups. Desks, chairs, and storage systems can be placed around the panel-based spine and be moved and positioned as needed. In addition to multiple configurations of fixed workstations, the spine can serve as a base for arranging spaces from impromptu presentation areas to cafe-style break rooms. It comes in two heights, multiple widths and includes a zig-zag feature, which gives users the sense of having their own corner or nook. 

Watson Edison

A rail that bends to your needs.

If you’re looking for the ultimate flexibility in changing up your workspace and giving employees the breathing room they need, Watson’s Edison Rail fits the bill. Its bendable rail segments can be arranged at any angle from zero to 90 degrees, enhancing sightlines, elbow room and pockets for collaboration. Workstations can be mirrored, flipped, rotated, repeated, and easily rearranged, making it easy for teams to continually alter their workspace without disruption. Features also include power and cabling options and channels along the top of the rail for mounting storage and accessories, such as planter boxes, bookcases, whiteboards, etc.


Hubs for power and privacy.

With today’s employees constantly moving from their desks to cushy communal spaces and back again, OFS’ Agile workstations reflect the style of an increasingly nomadic workforce. Designed around the common need for power, workers can plug in from anywhere they happen to be and reconfigure work and learning areas for a variety of uses. Workstations include sliding perches, planter boxes, privacy screens and more that allow users to individualize spaces without feeling disconnected. For even more privacy, OFS’ Heya desks provide smaller areas where employees can hunker down when they need space to think, create and focus. HeyaJapanese for “small room”—is designed with convenience and mobility in mind, with height adjustable controls as well as sufficient power, shelving and storage options, along with walls for buffering noise and distractions.

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