Is there anything worse for morale and productivity than walking into an uninspired workplace day after day? It doesn’t have to be that way. Your team can be inspired, have the privacy they crave, and get their work done with one—or all—of these must-haves features for today’s modern office space.   

Office Space Planning Concepts BalanceStrike the right balance.

An open concept office can promote both collaboration and communication, two requisites for effective teams. But to work, these spaces also need to foster concentration, be quiet and offer privacy. All of these should be top considerations when planning a space. Consider adding private areas in addition to open spaces, such as phone booths or semi-private enclosed areas.


Office Space Planning Concepts Come InCome on in.

Few offices boast enough space to offer each of its workers a dedicated office. And, really, who would want that? If your workspace does include private offices, make these spaces more inviting by swapping out traditional door and wall enclosures into something more transparent, like glass. Better yet, demo the doors altogether to create semi-enclosed “offices.”


Office Space Planning Concepts NoiseDon’t make noise an afterthought.

There’s nothing worse than installing new furniture only to discover some serious noise pollution. When planning a new or remodeled space, noise should be one of your primary considerations. From acoustic furniture to other sound abatement tools (like colorful foam ceiling panels, phone booths or so-called telephone hoods), your open office can sound like a peaceful zen garden—no noise-cancelling headphones needed.


Office Space Planning Concepts VarietyOffer variety.

The best teams don’t just sit at the same table every day of the year. They move around, finding spaces that complement their particular mood or task at hand. Provide these options to inspire and motivate. Whatever office space planning concept you’ve got in mind, factor in plenty of social hubs, brainstorming areas and meeting spaces, including standing desks, traditional tables, and comfy chairs and couches.


Office Space Planning Concepts Culture BrandStrengthen culture and boost your brand. 

When considering office space planning concepts, don’t forget about what image you’re trying to portray—both to employees and customers. Have fun considering the physical aspects of your workplace to strengthen company culture and boost your brand.



Office Space Planning Concepts - Consider the CordsUgh! The cords.

Don’t underestimate the destructive power of messy cords and unsightly equipment. It’s chaos! Find furniture and other accessories to disguise and organize these workplace essentials.




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