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NeoCon’s 50th came and went, but the trends we saw at the largest commercial interior design tradeshow of the year left a lasting impression. Here are seven we loved for you to consider when looking to design or redesign your office space.

7 Trends from NeoCon 2018

A Natural Fit

Who doesn’t love the great outdoors, only inside? We saw a lot of greenery and nature-inspired elements integrated with furniture at this year’s show. Think planter boxes, light wooden textures, and warm clay and adobe color palettes, for example — all following the continuing trend of bringing the outside in. Sure, it’s beautiful and calming, but we’ll draw the line if the bugs and wildlife start to come with it!

Stuff Stash

There should be a place for everything, and everything should have its place in your office. With the pantry towers and creative storage options we saw, that should be no problem! Nowadays, it’s just a matter of swapping out the ‘stuff’ so to speak. There may be less paper to store, but with the trend towards more work/life balance, employees need space for their workout clothes, snacks and whatever else helps them to feel more at home while at work.

It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Or is it? Emerald was the color trend at this year’s NeoCon, but it’s actually been on the radar in the commercial design world for a while. In fact, it was the Pantone color of 2013. It may have taken some time to catch on, but with Greenery as the Pantone color of 2017, it’s safe to say greens are now the scene in a big way!

‘Super’ Smart

Just in case Superman happens to need a place to change, it’s always a good idea to have a phone booth on hand. And with the open office concept seemingly here to stay, phone booths offer a great private getaway for conversations you don’t want the whole office to overhear. Since lack of privacy is a common pain point among employees working in open office layouts, this option truly could save the day.

Neon at NeoCon

If you want to make a statement, put it in NEON; at least that’s the takeaway from this year’s show. Neon signs abounded. And we’re still seeing the flashes…of inspiration for commercial design. It may seem a bit off-the-wall initially, but can you think of a more vivid way to convey the mood, ambience and attitude of your office? Plus, neon signs are just plain fun!

Check in to Hoteling

There were no reservations about hoteling at NeoCon. The concept allows employees to call ahead to reserve a space in the office on a particular day, or for a portion of a day, rather than having an assigned desk. With offices shrinking, hoteling is becoming increasingly popular as a way to give employees more flexibility as well as to keep costs more manageable.  Think less single desk options and more large tables where multiple employees can work, lounge-style seating with couches and coffee tables, and even rolling storage options.

Where There’s Smoked Glass…

Clean lines and dramatic flair in your office design follow. It’s pretty much common knowledge that employees are over those gray cubicle walls and dividers, but there’s still a need for designated spaces, whether for huddle rooms, quiet zones or offices. NeoCon was on fire with smoked glass options. They give you just enough separation while still maintaining that open feel.  But keep in mind, smoked glass isn’t just for separating spaces, it can also be used in a variety of places such as table tops, doors and even to spruce up those pesky cubicles.

Want to see how we can bring these commercial design trends to life for you?


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