Inspiring Modern Office Furniture Projects

Modern style is all the rage these days for commercial office spaces, but how do you get that sleek look while also maximizing function? It may be easier than you think — with inspiring design concepts, carefully-selected modern Office Furniture, and the right teammate of course! Check out some of our recent modern office projects for the inside story on our design challenge, process, and see how beautifully they came together.

Colorado Technology Firm

Background: Teammates was chosen to create a 150-employee office suite including a reception area, executive conference room, break-out rooms, a break room and seating.

Design Challenge: For their new office, our client wanted an entirely open floor plan for all 150 offices. They also needed open air spaces for huddles and closed spaces for private meetings. Having a design that blended a modern, sophisticated look with functionality was key to the success of the project.

Teammates Solution: Large and small Teknion tables were placed in break-out rooms to allow for heads-down work. Small, casual seating areas made their team meetings and scrum chats convenient. What’s more, sprawling views of the Front Range were also accented with modern design break room furniture.

Denver-based Oil and Gas Exploration Firm

Background: This project was comprised of 98,000 square feet with four floors, 38 private offices and 144 workstations as well as conference and break rooms.

Design Challenge: For this highly desirable redevelopment venue at Denver’s historic Union Station, the client wanted clean simple lines and a cohesive feel. They needed to accommodate future growth and incorporate the various working styles of execs and employees.

Teammates Solution: Teknion’s District, Leverage, Dossier and Custom Wood Solutions series were intentionally blended throughout the space to accommodate the variety of work roles and establish a balance between privacy and collaboration. Desktops and storage for large drawings were also provided. A white ash finish reflects a clean and energetic environment and we chose reconfigurable office furniture for added flexibility.

Global Commercial Real Estate Firm

Background: Teammates was tasked with outfitting 1600 square feet of space with 5 private offices and a reception area.

Design Challenge: With a small, onsite property management office in a commercial building, the clients wanted better visibility for potential tenants and better accessibility for current tenants. At street level and with glass windows from floor to ceiling, this office required a mix of transparency, natural light and privacy while bringing the client’s vision of a modern space to life.

Teammates Solution: We specified Teknion’s District series furniture for the private offices as well as Stylex seating and laminate surfaces throughout. Modesty panels helped hide the lower half of workstations. In addition, leather chairs and a gorgeous Teknion Dossier series (with back-painted glass) conference table exuded a sleek and modern motif.

Keep in mind that a modern style isn’t all or nothing. Small touches can go a long way. Incorporate modern elements like fabrics, chair arms and legs on tables to simply refresh the look of your current space or to strike the right balance in your new office.


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