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You don’t have to construct new spaces or remodel your office to offer employees choice and control over their environment. All you need are privacy pods (which are also great tools for podcast studio design).

Many of us jump from one activity to another in today’s multitasking workplace, constantly moving between collaborative group projects and more focused, individual work. We’ve all had those moments of searching for a quiet place in the office to make a phone call, hunker down on a project, huddle with a colleague or find a place to think. To support the growing need for workspace flexibility, many companies are finding ways to incorporate private spaces into their open offices. But what if you don’t have extra rooms or space to spare?

What are office privacy pods exactly? Known for their sleek designs and small footprints, they are stand-alone, soundproof spaces that allow employees to escape surrounding distractions and find the privacy and focus they need. Think pods might make a good addition to your workspace? Here’s how to make the most of them:

podcast studio design

Location matters.

Pods aren’t meant to be isolated or shoved into corners. Placing them in centrally located or high traffic areas throughout your office encourages employees to pop in and use them. Plus, it makes it easier to see if they are occupied. No one has to wait for a room to open up to make a phone call or leave the building to find peace and quiet. Employees can easily slip in when they need a few moments alone without having to venture too far from their team.

podcast studio design

Keep pods diverse.

Pods come in all shapes and sizes, from phone booth-like pods for private conversations to comfy larger pods suited to smaller groups that want to gather without interruption. Having a mix of pods accommodates various user needs and work modes, from solo projects to group collaborations. Many pods are reconfigurable, allowing offices to adapt them to serve whatever purpose they need at the moment.

podcast studio design

Make them creative sanctuaries. 

Have you ever tried to brainstorm with a colleague while everyone else in the office is silent and trying to focus on their work? It can be hard not to feel self-conscious! Pods are the perfect setting for those creative conversations, allowing you to freely exchange ideas without disrupting others. In fact, they are great for creating an ecosystem of spaces that balance privacy and focus with collaboration and camaraderie.

Include personal touches. 

Give your pods some personality! Select the furniture inside based on what you want your pods to be—an oasis, a private zone, or a mini-conference room? Use interchangeable panels to swap out the walls with new colors and fabrics. Choose from an array of surface materials, such as woodgrain or laminate finishes, and add customizable films and acoustic panels to block out noise and chatter. Bring in whiteboards, plants, and art to infuse pods with inspiration. The sky’s the limit!

Create a professional atmosphere.

Does your business have a podcast? In addition to providing a quiet space for recording, privacy pods can also help to create a more professional atmosphere for podcasters. By having a dedicated space for recording, podcasters can demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality content and build credibility with their audience.

We specialize in making office spaces innovative, inspirational, and highly productive. To see how we can renovate your office or help with podcast studio design, contact us today.

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