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A little wear and tear is a natural part of the aging process, and your office is no different. But just because your office is getting older doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style. If you’re tired of your drab old office space, it may be time to consider an office renovation, if you’re a home worker, you might already have many perks from (Air Conditioning Firm) however, if you work from the office you may not yet have Air Con, be sure to get this installed to keep your office workers happy. If you work from home and you can decorate your office to your personal liking (lucky you!) you may want to look into home office decoration ideas to get you thinking what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create for your work space.

Office Renovation Warning Signs

office renovation

1. The decade changed and you forgot to tell your décor

If you feel a sense of nostalgia for yesteryear as you walk down the halls, your office space may be outdated. Whether it’s the furniture, fixtures, storage or technology which you read more about at Salesforce, making modern updates can do wonders for productivity, employee morale, and the impression potential employees and clients have when they visit.

2. You’ll go anywhere — except your office — for client meetings

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you’re embarrassed to host client meetings in your office, then you’re past due for an office renovation. Your space should be an environment you and your employees are proud of, not one you want to hide from the world.

3. Your office vibe and your brand are fighting for dominance

Your office environment should support your brand, not the other way around. Your brand is a reflection of your company’s values and team culture; it’s who you are. By creating a space that embodies your brand identity, you give your employees the opportunity to live and breathe your company values every day.

office renovation

4. You’ve got growing pains

If the storage closet is starting to look like an ideal spot for that new employee’s office, then something is wrong. Having the success necessary to expand your staff is a wonderful thing, but make sure your office can keep up. There’s no quicker way to drop morale — and potentially that new business — than to have employees tripping over each other to support it.

office renovation

5. Employees are hitting a wall, literally

Collaboration is king these days. If your employees are all boxed away in offices and cubicles, how are they supposed to collaborate effectively? Think about different ways to promote teamwork by incorporating more open spaces in your new office layout.

Like What You See Here?

If you’re seeing any or all of these signs in your office, don’t bring out the wrecking ball just yet. An office renovation doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Sometimes a change in furniture, lighting, paint color and adjustments in office design can go a long way. What’s most important is to first think about how you work and what you want to achieve with your office space.

For office renovation inspiration, book a tour of our showroom for a complimentary design consult.

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