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Tis the season for finding the perfect gift to show your team a little appreciation for all they do! There are a couple of ways you can go about it. One, leave it to your employees to decide as in one of our favorite episodes of “The Office.” Or, make it easy with this 2018 Commercial Office Gift Guide that lists a few of our favorite things…

Gift It to the Individual

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you have an open office space, these headphones could be the ultimate sanity-saver for any employees.


Give the gift of better lighting with two great options. HappyLights offer a way to enjoy the benefits of natural light while indoors by mimicking sunlight to enhance mood, energy, and focus. Humanscale Horizon 2.0 Lights are an energy-efficient and ergonomic option as they contribute to LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certifications and offer one-touch dimming.

Office Plants

Sometimes the best way to breathe life into a space is as simple as incorporating a little greenery. Check out these living wall and planter box options.

Reusable Thermos

Sustainability is top-of-mind in the office today, as it should be. Providing a reusable option for coffee or other beverages is a step — or drink — in the right direction.

Gift It to the Group

New Coffee Maker

It’s hard to imagine an office that couldn’t benefit from either an improved coffee maker or simply more of them! Step up your coffee game with choices from single-cup brewing machines to espresso makers to cold-brew options.

Phone Booth

Who doesn’t love their coworkers more after some time away from them? Phone booths are a fantastic option for privacy, but you could create space to decompress, meditate and/or focus without distraction in any low-traffic area using lounge seating, flexible tables and acoustical blinds or panels to limit disruption.

Break Room Upgrade

You can really take this as far as you want to, from a full break room makeover to something as simple as bringing in a flat-screen TV, video game console and some lounge-style seating. Or, add shuffleboard, foosball and other fun stress relievers.

Gift It to Upgrade Your Furniture and Accessories

Tech Tools

Tech Tools – Consider options such as mobile charging stations and portable USB chargers to keep employees plugged in wherever they work.

Desk Organizers

Get rid of the stress, inefficiencies and that awful clutter with new desk organizers that offer creative ways to stash your stuff.

Adjustable Pieces

A key in human-centered design, adjustable desks can reduce discomfort and encourage movement to keep employees engaged and focus.

Happy holidays from all of us at Teammates!

If you’re looking for commercial office space inspiration in the New Year, book a tour of our showroom to enjoy a free design consultation.

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