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In most workplaces today, technology and productivity are intertwined. Gone are the days of relegating workers to a single desk with a computer and a phone. Now, most employees have laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices that allow them to move freely through the office and do their jobs from anywhere. But it takes more than just the latest gadgets to create a productive, tech-savvy office—you also need a design strategy that embraces the flexibility this technology provides and makes these tools easy and accessible for employees.

Technology itself is no silver bullet to boosting innovation and collaboration in the workplace. When used to its fullest potential, it’s just a vehicle that can help workers connect, brainstorm, push and test ideas faster, solve challenges and move forward with new possibilities. Creating the right environment in which to use that technology is essential. Having a flexible and agile space that breaks down barriers and allows employees to get work done with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints is important.

Take a peek inside leading tech firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft for a glimpse of how offices may look decades from now. Not only do they have state-of-the-art technology, but they deploy it throughout their offices in creative and flexible ways. You may not have the resources of a tech giant, but here are some simple ways to integrate this office of the future technology into your workspace.

office of the future technology

Powered Collaborative Spaces

Give workers places where they can go throughout the office to interact, share ideas and collaborate. Teknion’s customizable Community table encourages employees to gather, converse and deepen personal and professional connections. It includes access to power and data via a central trough, along with customizable finishes and dimensions. Make these creative hubs as informal as possible, even throwing in whiteboards, inspirational art, game tables, and comfy seating to spark creativity and the free flow of ideas. Just be sure to include plenty of places to plug in!

office of the future technology

Flexible Conference Rooms

Whether you’re hosting a formal client meeting, a brainstorming session for your team, or an impromptu one-on-one with an employee, it helps to have versatile pieces with the technical capabilities you need. Watson has a line of products that fit this bill. Its media-ready Tia Team table includes an optional monitor mount for sharing visuals and presentations with on-site and off-site attendees, while its sleek, height-adjustable conference table provides easy access to outlets from all sides and a built-in cable channel to hide bulky wires. It also has a series of tables for smaller meetings, including those with charging trays, cable hookups, and easy-to-adjust heights for standing or sitting. Plus, the line includes freestanding storage with A/V cutouts for storing gear, equipment, and personal items.

Wired Work Surfaces

Create more focused workstations where employees can go when they need to hunker down on an assignment or huddle with a few colleagues to discuss an upcoming project. Teknion’s Tek Pier workstation can accommodate up to five people and includes a wall-mounted monitor with an ergonomic arm that provides several different viewing angles, plus adjustable features for single use or group collaboration. Focus rooms or booths equipped with soundproof glass, digital monitors, and A/V hookups can also give workers the privacy they need without feeling disconnected.

Tech-ready Training Tables

Technology is now a vital part of most onboarding sessions and employee training. Versteel offers an array of tables that integrate technology with flexible pieces designed for such purposes. Its Brattice table includes built-in battery packs with multiple plug-ins, while other tables feature power and data solutions and can be tilted, folded, nested, or linked together. Bonus: They all come with wheels for shifting from individual work to group collaboration.

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