Space Planning & Reconfigurations

Mapped to Meet Your Evolving Needs

Reconfigure Your Space

Are you considering relocating your office, expanding your team, or restructuring your operations? Whether you’re looking to redesign your workspace or simply enhance its functionality, our commercial design firm specializes in assisting you with space planning and reconfiguration. Our services encompass everything from establishing social and collaborative zones to integrating architectural walls, height-adjustable desks, ergonomic seating, and efficient storage solutions. Together, we will work to create a dynamic atmosphere that aligns with your goals for growth and development.

Office Space Planning

We collaborate closely with you to develop an office environment that maximizes efficiency and productivity. Our process begins with an on-site assessment to evaluate your current office setup and inventory. By gaining insights into your requirements, preferences, budget, and vision, we develop a tailored plan for your new office layout. This plan is then implemented by sourcing and installing new furniture systems, as well as reconfiguring existing ones, to bring your vision to life.

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A Teammate for the Long Haul

Count on our expert guidance to support you as your workplace and preferences evolve. Our commitment extends far into the future, offering standalone office space planning and reconfiguration services, utilizing your existing furniture pieces. Whether you’re facing changing demands or seeking to enhance office flow, we’re always available to assist you in reimagining your space. From adapting modular systems to reconfiguring workstations and architectural walls, we ensure your workspace remains aligned with your evolving needs.

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Collaborate With Us

We are committed to leveraging our expertise to assist you in thoughtfully configuring your workspace. Allow us to navigate you through significant decisions, ensuring a seamless process every step of the way.

Creative Design Solutions

We’re dedicated to creating purposeful design solutions utilizing the offerings from our extensive network of vendors and product lines. By staying up to date with the latest design trends, we excel at seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to achieve a harmonious and functional outcome. Whatever your style, our workplace designs prioritize comfort, connectivity, efficiency, and accessibility. Plus, our products are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring they can evolve alongside your organization’s needs.

Lead Time Guidance

We can assist you in defining your project objectives and timeline in advance, enabling you to make informed product selections based on lead times and availability. With our wide range of product lines, we offer options ranging from quick ship to extended lead-time solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We can identify cost savings in every project and suggest alternatives accordingly. For instance, opting for modular architectural walls instead of traditional drywall can lead to significant savings. Our designers collaborate with architects and contractors to allocate expenses efficiently, potentially shifting items from construction budgets to furniture budgets.

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We are committed to leveraging our commercial design expertise to assist you in thoughtfully configuring your workspace. Allow us to navigate you through significant decisions, ensuring a seamless process every step of the way.

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