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Wellness design has never mattered more, especially in the workplace. With workers preparing to head back to the office after more than a year and a half of working from home, now is the time for companies to think strategically about how to make their workspaces safer, healthier, and more inspiring. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for incorporating wellness-focused designs into your workplace:

Fresh air

In today’s post-pandemic office, air quality is non-negotiable. Not only does improved ventilation prevent the spread of airborne germs and coronaviruses, but it also boosts productivity. Many HVAC systems recirculate dirty air, so it pays to invest in air purifiers, preferably those with UV lighting that disinfect the air. If your workspace has a terrace or patio, create nooks where employees can step outside to work when the weather is nice and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

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Bringing nature indoors

We could all use a little inspiration these days! Infusing your office with natural elements, such as potted plants, living plant walls, trailing vines, and water features, adds to its aesthetic appeal. It also creates a calming and stimulating atmosphere that reduces stress and rejuvenates creativity. For employees who have grown accustomed to working from home, biophilic features like these may also help them ease back into an office setting!

Light therapy

Bye-bye fluorescent lighting! Advances in lighting technology make workspaces healthier with LED light fixtures that kill bacteria, purify surfaces, and support immunity. Indoor lighting with automatic controls for adjusting lighting levels and color temperatures is also useful (cooler blue and white lights help with concentration, while warmer yellow or orange lights promote relaxation). Adding focused light sources, such as table lamps, sconces, and light boxes, throughout the office can also improve alertness and mood.

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Acoustic controls

Noise is the biggest nemesis of productivity in offices, especially those with more of an open format. Sound-masking systems that create consistent white noise help minimize the chatter, keep conversations private and create a productive environment for getting work done. Putting freestanding screens, versatile partitions, or sofas and chairs in high-traffic spots can also help absorb sound and provide an extra layer of privacy.

Incorporating wellness-focused designs into your workplace can help you create an environment where all workers can thrive. We specialize in making office spaces innovative, inspirational, and highly productive. To see how we can renovate your office, contact us today.

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