Account Manager: Michael Berkery

Architecture/Design Firm: TPS (Tenant Planning Services)

Client Profile: Established in 1962, this family-owned and operated automotive group has over 600 employees and is one of Colorado’s pre-eminent automotive and real estate development companies.

Deliverables: 7422 square feet, including 12 private offices, 12 workstations, 1 break room, 2 conference rooms, 1 reception area.

Design Challenge: Stevinson is a long-time Teammates client. Their current office was very traditional and it was time to embrace a more open and creative workspace solution. Requests included transparency, glass fronts for all private offices and collaborative workstations.

Teammates Solution: Clean and functional private offices were designed in National’s Waveworks series. National conference tables included tabletop power access. Conference seating was set at a permanent height creating a consistent appearance. Teknion’s Leverage Workstations with District Storage components addressed specific storage needs.