Account Manager: Kristen Smith

Architecture/Design Firm: Acquilano Leslie

Client Profile: Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company is a U.S. financial services mutual organization based in Milwaukee.

Deliverables: Two receptions areas, 59 workstations, 2 break rooms and 2 suite including 6 private offices and 3 executive offices.

Design Challenge: Northwestern Mutual wanted to modernize this 1980s building and create a more collaborative space. Storage and modern office furniture sourcing and installation were required. Wide pillars, odd angles and uneven floors made this location particularly difficult.

Teammates Solution: The Teknion Leverage series allowed for flexibility at odd angles. Towers and wardrobes, rather than high panels, promoted collaboration while accommodating storage. Nucraft adjustable height offices were used for the executive suites. Aerial refreshes (higher cabinets) and workstation glass allowed for a lighter ambiance.