Account Manager: Kristin Smith

Designer: Devin Snyder

Architect & General Contractor: Neenan Archistruction

Client Profile: Credit Union servicing Northern Colorado. New offices located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Deliverables: 2,500 Linear Feet (4 Floors) of Teknion Altos and Optos Demountable Walls.

Teammates Solution: This project is our largest wall installation to date. All offices, huddle rooms and conference rooms were uniquely designed within the interior of the building with different angles and configuration. This allowed our design team and Teknion to creatively problem solve and manufacture a special ceiling grid, power capabilities, and integrate different finishes within our wall product. We diligently worked with Neenan to account for varying ceiling heights throughout space due to foundation settling towards the center of building, and remained flexible during construction delays and advances throughout the duration of the project.