5 Commercial Office Remodeling Ideas to Give Your Old Space a New Feel

There’s a saying that everything old can be new again and that’s true, even for your office. A remodel can be an easy way to improve the function and the vibe of your space. We’ve said it before, workplace design is one the top factors that influence employee performance and job satisfaction. Get it right and productivity can soar; make it an afterthought, and you may slump.

Whether you simply want to freshen things up or totally reinvent the space, we can help you get started.

Make It Personal

Just like the clothes you wear reflect your personality, your office space should reflect the spirit of your company. Are you quirky, relaxed, competitive, hard-driving, creative, fun? The adjectives could go on and on. The point is that by creating a space that embodies who you are, your employees have the opportunity to go beyond reading your core values; they can live and breathe them every day.

From the furniture style and office space layout to the art on the walls, when remodeling your commercial office, be sure to base your choices on how well they reinforce your company culture.

Spruce up boring old cubicles by adding color, artwork and personality to your space. (Studio TK)

Be NaturalBe Natural

This concept runs the gamut from natural lighting to incorporating elements of nature in the space. Bringing the outdoors in can boost mood and creativity and break up the visual monotony that is commonplace in many of today’s offices.

Options include giving employees more access to windows as well as bringing in plants and other natural materials. Take it a step further and also use eco-friendly products where possible such as desks, tables, chairs and cabinetry made of recycled materials.

Nordgrona offers some unique solutions to bring greenery indoors in every nook and cranny imaginable, from the wall art to the ceiling.

Keep it CleanKeep It Clean

There’s a lot to be said—not much of it good—about clutter. Not only does it look unprofessional, the inefficiency of digging through paper piles is obvious as is the mountain of dust on the web of wires at each desk, but what may not be so obvious is how stressful a disorganized office can be.

As you remodel, think beyond the traditional filing cabinet and consider creative storage options as well as innovative ways to organize your cables, cords and wires.

Keep your space neat and organized with intuitive storage solutions, like Teknion’s “Interpret” accessory docks.

Show Your True ColorsShow Your True Colors

We all know color has a strong impact on mood. It’s why we spend so much time picking just the right color palette in our homes. The same is true for your commercial office. If your walls and furniture are grey with a splash of more grey, the mood is likely a mix between blah and yawn.

This is also another way you can bring your culture and brand into the space when remodeling. The color blue is known for its calming feel and is said to help with efficiency and focus. Green colors cause less eye fatigue.  Yellow is known to inspire happiness and creativity while red is ideal in areas where tasks require physical activity as it can increase heart rate and blood flow. Keep these colors in mind when thinking about the message and feel you want your employees and clients to have while in the office space.

Take note that color is not just brought in through the paint on the wall, it can (and should) also be incorporated through your furniture and accessory choices.

Consider incorporating vibrant, energizing colors to increase productivity or calming tones to ease stress levels. (First Office)

Just ChillJust Chill

To get the most from your employees, it’s important to have a place for them to relax. This is particularly true in an open office layout where the constant noise can be overwhelming at times. In the past, the thought was that employees should be head down from 9 to 5 and lounging should be done at home. However the trend is quite the opposite now, as the belief is that mental breaks can not only relieve eye strain and tension but also boost creativity and focus. Not to mention the boost to morale.

Consider a dedicated ‘chill’ area with bean bag chairs and other lounge-style seating during your commercial office remodel. Some companies even take it further with ping-pong tables, foosball, dart boards or other fun games and stress relievers.

Keep the creative energy flowing — even while relaxing — with collections like EKO’s lounge furniture with desktop armrests and unique dry erase table surfaces.

Are you thinking about remodeling your office but aren’t sure where to start? Book a tour of our showroom to view some of these remodeling ideas yourself and enjoy a free design consultation to help bring your vision to life.


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