What if your employees were actually excited about conferencing? One reason that employees are bored with conferences is that their conference rooms are…well…boring!

You can make these spaces more by simply changing the layout. Here are 5 favorite design trends in conference room layouts:

Teknion's Healthtech Wall in a brightly lit conference room.

Going Natural

Think about most of the conference rooms you’ve seen. Chances are that they look lifeless and artificial.

One way to bring some life into your own conference rooms is to go natural. That means bringing in plants and other natural features. Your design may be as simple as a few plants around the room or as complex as a whole wall of greenery (such as Teknion’s Healthtech Wall).

For added style, you can even add water features. By making the room look like a space found in nature, you can unlock some “natural” collaboration.

Teknion's standing-height Canteen table is perfect for breakout meetings.

Sit or Stand Breakout Meeting Tables

In a perfect world, every conference would be a productive meeting of the minds. However, it’s easy for people to feel tired and unproductive while slouching around the table.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution: the Teknion Zones Canteen standing-height table.. This line offers an optional standing-height, allowing employees to either sit or stand during meetings.

Being able to stand during a meeting helps bring back the energy and focus you’ve been missing. And it even offers ergonomic benefits that your employees will love.

Share ideas with comfort and ease.

Lounge Option Tables

A major goal of any conference is collaboration between professionals. However, the traditional conference table design makes it hard for employees to work with one another.

One solution to this dilemma is the getting lounge option tables. Such tables make it easy for each member to see the other and to share ideas with comfort and ease.

These tables also offer a very hip and modern aesthetic. Therefore, lounge option tables can be a major part of an overall office makeover.

Things like performance credenzas give you added space to store everything from extra wires and cables to snacks and beverages.

Added Amenities

When you get right down to it, most conference rooms are very Spartan in nature. They typically only have the bare minimum of items in the room (such as a table, chairs, and maybe a projector for presentations).

If you want better productivity out of employees, though, you need to create a space they are comfortable inhabiting. And one great way to do that is through added amenities.

Things like performance credenzas give you added space to store everything from extra wires and cables to snacks and beverages. The latter can help put employees at ease and unlock higher office productivity.

Tech-Friendly Furniture

Employees always show up to conferences with an electronic menagerie. This includes cell phones, laptops, smartwatches, and more.

To ease employee stress and boost productivity, add some tech-friendly furniture to your conference room. Check out Teknion’s C + D Conference Table which comes with wire management features, as well as a host of standard and non-standard power options.

Employees won’t have to scramble to find a plug for their phone or laptop. And employers won’t have to worry about the clutter of dozens of charging cords snaking across the conference room floor while they try to conduct a meeting.

Conference Room Layouts: The Next Generation

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