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Whether you’re gearing up for an office renovation, need to ramp up staffing, or could use a workspace refresh, you’ve likely asked yourself if it is best to use drywall or modular walls. Drywall may seem like the most cost-effective choice for office layout changes — but only if you look at up-front costs. Drywall has been the go-to for decades, mainly because offices in the pre-digital era were permanent. Today, however, workplaces need the ability to erect, take down, and move walls quickly and easily to accommodate fluctuating staffing needs, create different experiences for employees and clients, and even improve productivity.

When you factor in the overall costs of drywall over time, plus the need for mobility, flexibility, and adaptability in most workplaces, modular office furniture systems are a better investment and a more intelligent, more sustainable choice. Here are five reasons we recommend modular office furniture over drywall construction for your next renovation.

Benefits of Modular Office Furniture Systems


Modular walls give you the flexibility and agility to adapt to changing business conditions and workplace needs — from office expansions and staffing ramp-ups to quick and temporary display needs. Modular walls are demountable and can be reassembled to create a new layout without damaging the existing structure. Most modular furniture systems come with built-in electrical and data cabling so panels can be removed, replaced, or reinstalled in a plug-and-play fashion. Teknion’s architectural walls are prime examples. You can create smaller, private workspaces within a larger room with Tek Vue, a modular glass office-front system that integrates seamlessly with conventional office construction.

modular office furniture systems


Modular walls are designed to be portable. Unlike drywall, you can take them with you if you move to a different building, floor, or city. Made with durable, high-quality material, they can be packed and shipped with your office belongings and remounted to fit your new space. Much more convenient than dealing with the cost and hassle of constructing drywalls every time you move offices! Modular walls are also perfect for project-specific configurations. Need dedicated space for seasonal temp workers? Install a temporary modular wall system that can be easily absorbed into your floor plan once your busy season ends. Teknion’s Altos wall system, for example, transforms into a variety of functional spaces, from focus rooms to meeting areas, that can be easily reconfigured into different environments.


If you’ve ever had drywall installed in your office, you know how messy and inconvenient it can be. It’s a noisy, dirty process that usually leaves a significant portion of your office unusable for some time. Modular walls are quick and easy to install, with just a few drill holes here and some screws there—and they leave no dust or debris behind. Need an impromptu conference room or a new office for a senior staff member? You can create one in a few hours with modular furniture like Teknion’s Focus demountable wall system, which has acoustic features and a minimalist presence. When you need quick changes to your office, you don’t have to depend on contractors or worry about disrupting employees with modular setups.

modular office furniture systems

Aesthetically Pleasing

Can modular walls compete with the finished look of drywalls? Yes, they can! Modular walls look like actual walls and come in various designs, colors, and even custom prints. You can use them to enhance your office decor or make bold statements about your work culture — the sky’s the limit! A great example is Teknion’s Optos glass storefront system, which features sleek, clean lines and a minimalist design that allows natural light in through its continuous run of glass.

Environmentally Responsible

Modular walls can be reused to shape any space with no waste. Even after years of wear and tear, most of the materials used to make them can be recycled. A win-win for environmentally conscious business owners! Movable walls also help you make the most of the space you occupy, reducing the number of wasted areas. With all these factors in mind, there’s no doubt that modular office furniture systems are a solution that makes sense for growing businesses on many levels.

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