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Workplace Design


Enhance Productivity | Recruiting & Retention 


In challenging economic times your workplace can be a physical asset that can maximize your working capital, increase productivity and help you succeed.

Leveraging Space to Gain Advantage - Colorado Real Estate Journal


Effective workplace design directly correlates to improved business performance. This is a follow up to their 2006 study.

Gensler |The US Workplace Survey - 2008


Better workplace design and layout really does result in better employee performance. Read more about it in this comprehensive survey by Gensler.

The Gensler Design + Performance Index | The US Workplace Survey


The impact of office design on business performance

CABE Study


The Impact of Office Design on The Bottom Line

ASID | Productive Solutions


How Design Increases Productivity: Expert Insights

ASID | Productive Work Places


Qualified Employees by Design

ASID | Recruiting and Retaining