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3rd Annual CTLF Signature Event | How to Become Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition | With Michael Vickers, Speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author


Doors Open Denver 2011 | Doors Open Denver is an annual celebration of Denver’s built environment and design. The two-day event allows residents and visitors to tour the spectacular buildings they see every day but may never have entered. It allows the public to truly experience and develop a new appreciation for their home town and the facilities that comprise Denver’s rich architectural landscape. It also helps build a sense of community by opening up the doors of Denver to everyone. View the Invitation and details.


PET PALOOZA 2010 | Fundraiser for Maxfund. What a great event! With your help and support we raised more than $3,000 for MaxFund - One lucky family even adopted a MaxFund dog. Learn more about MaxFund, Make a donation.



“MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR THE NEW ECONOMY” | Do you know the expiration of your current business model? This event, sponsored by the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum focused on the new face of our customer and the need to reevaluate and adapt your business model to stay competitive and profitable. Download the Slide Presentation.


 HIDDEN TALENTS UNVEILED 2009 | On Wednesday, December 9th we held our first annual Hidden Talents event; representing creative works from members of our design community. It was an evening filled with creativity, shopping and lot's of fun! Click here for a list of our vendors.